Friday, June 26, 2009

Baby Girl Tries out Food

Pardon the boob shot but baby girl likes to be held at dinnertime and she tries to get a hold of things on my plate. That night we had peas so I figured what the heck and smooshed them up and feed her a few bites. She seemed to like it but she of course liked to chew on the spoon more!! Oh and the last pic is of my sweet girl in the hamper I had to get something in the other laundry basket and I was holding her so I put her in the other basket and she thought that was funny!! My baby girl is such a darn cutie pie!!!

Fun in the Park

The other day we went to the park and had a picnic lunch and played for awhile. It was super super hot outside but this is Cortie's favorite park and it has some shade so it wasn't horrible. My boy is definitely all boy and would dig in the sand and rocks all day if I would let him but Good lord it was hot and it took all about 2 minutes for me to be all sweaty!! Catherine had fun swinging in the baby swing. She loves being outside and watching what her brother is doing. Soon enough she will be chasing after him in the park.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Just Some Fun in the Sun and Random Shots

Baby girl lounging in the sun
Baby girl with Daddy her first time in the pool
Cortie enjoyng a snack outside
Baby girls purple car! She's stylin!!
My little fish!!
Cortie likes to revert back to babyhood sometimes with sister
There's my little angel!!
Hey you talkin to me!!
My sweet boy with his surfer dude bear!!

This is a great video of Cortie singing along to Hey Mickey!! Awesome!!

The summer heat has hit Texas and we have been enjoying spending time outside at splash parks and in our pool at home. I also got Cortie a little plastic pool to wade in for when I am not in the mood to get in the big pool. It has his little slide in it so he has a great time sliding into his little pool. He also loves to swim in the big pool and will swim all by himself with Daddy right near by don't worry Grandmas!! We had hoped to get him some swimming lessons this summer but probably won't have the extra funds to do it. Hopefully next year!! Baby girl is getting so big. I can't believe she is almost 6 months. It feels like just yesterday she was a tiny baby. She has been fussy the last couple of days. We think she might be teething but nothing is showing up in her mouth. Her brother acted the same way and he didn't get teeth until he was almost a year. We have also been going to story time at the library and Cortlyn loves it!! We tried last summer but he was still to little and didn't care one bit about it but this summer he is having a blast and he loves craft time!! After wards we usually go to Chick fil a or chick a la as Cortie says it and he loves playing in the playground. We usually try to find something to do most everyday and we also just like to chill at home. We are looking forward to my Mom coming in July and Chester and I will actually get a night away from the kiddos. We are so excited about that, we rarely ever get a date night so this is a special treat. Well that is about all from our neck of the woods right now. Enjoy the pics and video!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Visit with Auntie Laurie

This past weekend my sister Laurie came for a visit from New Jersey she had not met Catherine yet so she was excited to get to meet baby girl. We packed a lot into the weekend. She flew in on Thursday night and on Friday we took Cortie to Build a Bear where he had the greatest time making his very own bear. We named it Surfer Dude Bear and we of course forgot to take a picture of the final product but nonetheless he loves it. Then we went to a local splash pad that Cortie loves and we had a great afternoon. To top off the day we went to one of our favorite restaurants Gringo's and had a fabulous supper. Saturday we woke up bright and early with the intention of getting down to Galveston before lunch but we didn't quite make it. We ended up getting there around 1pm. We went to Moody Gardens to Palm Beach which is man made lagoon that was perfect for little kids. We had a great day and we were so tired from being in the sun all day that we just chilled at home and went to bed early. Sunday we just relaxed since my sister was leaving that day. Her and Cortie had a great time going in our pool and then she had to leave. It was a great visit!! On a side note my sister got bit by a tick a couple of weeks ago and was pretty tired while here and sore but she had been to the dr and they thought she was ok. But once she got home it progressed into a much worse state and she was diagnosed with Lymes Disease it was caught early but she has been really sick this whole past week with it. So please keep her in your prayers. As for us we have had an interesting week as well. Right before my sister left I got my heel cut with a rusty shovel that we used to pick up poop and had to get a tetnus shot and then Monday morning I woke up with pink eye. So gross!! But we are finally on the mend here and summer is here and we are going to have fun!!