Monday, August 10, 2009

I keep trying to remember things to put in Not me Monday but always seem to forget when the day actually comes. Oh well here are a few I could drag up.

I did not think it was funny that my son announced to anybody in the bathroom at the library that mommy was going poppy. I mean I am very private about bathroom occurrences.

I also did not think it was funny that my son repeated what his daddy and I said at the table about somebody needing to grow a set. I meant that would be totally inappropriate!!

And I don't immediately say You want a bucket!! When it is pretty clear that my boy is saying a naughty word that he heard mommy say in the car one day when somebody cut her off. I mean I am the perfect mommy who never lets a cuss word fall from my lips!!

I didn't have most of our things packed for our vacation days before we leave I mean who organizes things like that. Certainly not me!!

And who goes on a trip hoping that $$ will materialize out of the sky. Not me of course we have money to go on this trip loads of money!!!

Okay that is all I can think of for now. Go over to MckMamma's website to check out other peoples not me mondays!!