Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Kids on the Block are BACK!!!

I totally loved loved loved the New Kids on the Block in 7th and 8th grade. My all time fav New Kid was of course Joey Mcintyre!! I had a whole wall devoted to just him alone in my bedroom. I had Teen Bop, Tiger Beat and all the teenie mag tear outs of the New Kids all over my bedroom. I loved when Joey would sing Please Don't Go Girl. Ahh to be back in junior high slow dancing to that song. Memories!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Update on my Grandpa

Thank you all for your prayers for my grandpa. He is still in intensive care but he is slowly making progress. My mom talked to the nurse today and he is communicating although it is tough for him and he is thinking clearly, he is still unable to swallow due to the surgery and that the clot that caused the stroke was in his throat. My mom isn't going up there until next week, my Uncle Chuck called her right before she walked out the door to leave yesterday and asked if he could take the first shift to help care for my grandma. This is a big relief on my mom since she was stressed about traveling and just stressed in general about her dad. So that was God totally looking out for my mom. So my uncle is on the way up there now and I may or may not go up myself when my mom is there. Right now its to soon to tell what actually will need to be done and such. So please pray for my mom and her brothers and sisters since they have to start making some heavy decisions about the care of my grandma and probably care for my grandpa as well since he probably won't ever recover 100% again. Thank you again

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Please Pray for my Grandpa

Hey all if you have a moment please pray for my grandpa. He suffered a stroke this morning and is in the hospital. They got to him fast so it wasn't as bad as it could be but a stroke is not something that you want to have. Its also hard because he is the one who takes care of my grandma who has dementia although praise god she was coherent enough this morning to be able to get my aunt who lives next door for help which is what the doctor said was the best thing the quickness of response time. My mom will be driving up there tomorrow from Michigan and I may go at some point to help out. So please pray for my family and my moms safe travels tomorrow. This isn't going to be an easy time with trying to figure out care for both grandpa and grandma now. Thank you all for your prayers.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Squeaky Clean Baby!!

I just love my baby after he gets out of the bath. He is squeaky clean and his hair sticks straight up. He loves to knock all things off his changing table and has a great time standing up being buck naked!!

A New Name

Okay so I finally went and did it I am officially now a Thompson!!! You may ask what haven't you been married for four years and the answer is yes but I never bothered to have my last name changed for the mere fact that I was lazy and didn't want to go thru the hassle and at the time most everything was in my name and again didn't want to go thru the trouble of changing all my ids. But now after having a kid it really should be done. Since of course when he was born he was baby boy Pedlar not Thompson. Of course his birth cert and all that stuff has Thompson but on those little cards on the bassinets in the hospital he was baby boy Pedlar much to my hubbies chargin!!! So for next baby it will definitely be baby Thompson. And let me tell you I will only go to the SS office one time, that place is a zoo!! It felt like detention cause you had to be quiet and no cell phones and if it did ring the security guard was on you right away. It took forever to snake thru the line and try that with a 13 mo old. Oh well Cortie was good as usual but glad that is done!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy with One Baby for now!

Man let me say kuddos to all you mommies out there with more than one small child. I was helping my neighbor out today by watching her 21 month old and boy was it a busy day with two little ones to chase after. For most of the morning I was playing referee since my son didn't understand the concept of sharing and every toy that his friend picked he decided he wanted and then she would proceed to get upset and say NOOOOO and he has just picked up the word no so he was saying it back and then tears would proceed. I knew I couldn't stay in the house all morning with that going on so we packed up not that easy with more than one and went to Target. Target was fun they loved riding in the double cart and were easily distracted by toys from the $1 bin. Do I love the $1 bin at Target heck yeah, I think we buy something from there every time and who can go wrong with 1$. Then it was off to Chick f la in the rain, so I have two kids one in each arm and in we go. We had a good lunch and then it was off to play in the playland. They both loved it. They have a cool toddler section!! Then it was home again and naps were to be had by all. My son was so tired he slept for 3 hours!!! So his friend went home and Cortie and mommy are content to be just the two of us again of course until daddy comes home from work. Ta Ta for now!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Dilema's Dilema's

Okay so its Saturday one more day till Sunday. I keep going back and forth and whether or not to try a new church tomorrow morning. I seem to be pretty frustrated with my church of late and its not the first time I have felt like this. Does this make me a bad Christian?? I really don't know. I am not much of the church hopper type but after four years at this church I still feel like I really don't belong. Now I feel like I have given it a good try but then I think maybe I have not tried hard enough. I have been thru three small groups, a couple of ladies bible studies and a few lady retreats but I still don't feel connected. I feel as if I am the one in the group who is way out in left field with different viewpoints. Now not to say we haven't made surface friendships with people cause we have. After my son was born people helped us out so much. I mean we had meals for a month maybe more. So that was great. But since he is getting older I feel more alone just alone not stressed out or anything cause I love mothering but just I feel like I am alone in the first time mommies club since I never had that moment of oh my gosh I am a mother now and panicked. I feel into it so naturally that other moms where like how do you do it. The answer is I don't know I have just always had a natural way with small kids. So do I start all over in a new place and see if I connect more or just wait until this season has passed and keep going to original church. I keep praying about it but feel no closer to God or have answers from him then before. So I guess that is all for today. And yeah Cortlyn is napping again in the afternoon which is good since I do need some down time.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

First Blog Entry

Okay so here it is my venture into the world of blogging!! Took me a few trys to figure it out but here goes. Today my son fought me on his morning nap. I don't know what is up with him since yesterday he fought afternoon nap and I am talking full on screaming in his crib. But he is finally asleep, he must be getting a tooth since he is normally pretty good about naps and bedtime and he is fighting a cold which everybody knows you feel pretty much like crap. Today I feel isolated like I have no friends, I hear of people I know getting together all the time and keep wondering why am I not included and why after almost four years at a church I feel like nothing has changed at all in my life. Well except for my son and he makes me the most happy I have been in a long time even when he is having a tough day and I am ready to scream I still love being with him all the time. I sometimes feel as if I only have my husband and my mom to talk to about things and lets face it my husband is a man and sometimes just doesn't understand although he does try. I wish I had a close friend to talk to who isn't way up North in Minnesota. I will try to keep praying for such a friend. I miss my family and especially my two close friends up in Minnesota. I wish I had more money so I could visit them or wish we could just move up closer to family in the midwest. But for now I will try to be content in Texas.