Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy with One Baby for now!

Man let me say kuddos to all you mommies out there with more than one small child. I was helping my neighbor out today by watching her 21 month old and boy was it a busy day with two little ones to chase after. For most of the morning I was playing referee since my son didn't understand the concept of sharing and every toy that his friend picked he decided he wanted and then she would proceed to get upset and say NOOOOO and he has just picked up the word no so he was saying it back and then tears would proceed. I knew I couldn't stay in the house all morning with that going on so we packed up not that easy with more than one and went to Target. Target was fun they loved riding in the double cart and were easily distracted by toys from the $1 bin. Do I love the $1 bin at Target heck yeah, I think we buy something from there every time and who can go wrong with 1$. Then it was off to Chick f la in the rain, so I have two kids one in each arm and in we go. We had a good lunch and then it was off to play in the playland. They both loved it. They have a cool toddler section!! Then it was home again and naps were to be had by all. My son was so tired he slept for 3 hours!!! So his friend went home and Cortie and mommy are content to be just the two of us again of course until daddy comes home from work. Ta Ta for now!


Melanie said...

It definitely is a huge adjustment going from 1 to 2. I remember after we had Elianna telling Tim, "Oh my goodness, what did we get ourselves into?" But like the first, you soon learn,grow, adjust, etc...until it becomes your new normal! :) Definitely worth it!:)

Erin said...

Man, you're a champ! I totally would've stayed at home - especially in the rain! Boy, do I miss the 3 hour naps!
Another by the way, I didn't know you played the piano! I'd love to hear that! very cool.