Thursday, January 17, 2008

First Blog Entry

Okay so here it is my venture into the world of blogging!! Took me a few trys to figure it out but here goes. Today my son fought me on his morning nap. I don't know what is up with him since yesterday he fought afternoon nap and I am talking full on screaming in his crib. But he is finally asleep, he must be getting a tooth since he is normally pretty good about naps and bedtime and he is fighting a cold which everybody knows you feel pretty much like crap. Today I feel isolated like I have no friends, I hear of people I know getting together all the time and keep wondering why am I not included and why after almost four years at a church I feel like nothing has changed at all in my life. Well except for my son and he makes me the most happy I have been in a long time even when he is having a tough day and I am ready to scream I still love being with him all the time. I sometimes feel as if I only have my husband and my mom to talk to about things and lets face it my husband is a man and sometimes just doesn't understand although he does try. I wish I had a close friend to talk to who isn't way up North in Minnesota. I will try to keep praying for such a friend. I miss my family and especially my two close friends up in Minnesota. I wish I had more money so I could visit them or wish we could just move up closer to family in the midwest. But for now I will try to be content in Texas.


Melanie said...

Hey Lynnette! Welcome to the blogging's a fun little community! I will be sure to stop by and visit! Happy Blogging!

Kelly said...

YOu know you can always call me!! I still listen pretty well!