Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Thompson's are Expecting # 2

Yes it is official the Thompson family is expecting baby # 2!!! After a scary visit to a new ob gyn last week where they didn't see a heartbeat during my first scan and completely freaked me out I was able to be fit in to my previous ob gyn yesterday morning and had another scan and lo and behold there was the heartbeat. I was so relieved because I had been so worried for almost 6 days, and I did not have a good experience with the new dr and the only reason I wanted to try a new doc was because they were supposed to do vbacs but it turns out they only do them on a very limited basis so I said forget that and went back to dr I trust, so another c section is what I will have to have but at this point after all this worry and fear I am happy to be cut open again. So due date is January 19th and I am 6 weeks along. Don't let anyone tell you that pregnancy is great for me it SUCKS!! I have already been throwing up and can barely tolerate any food my dr gave me a script for nausea med but he doesn't want me to take it for two more weeks until I am 8 weeks. BAA!!!! But I know there is a little life growing inside of me that was placed there by God so I am excited even though pregnancy is rough. We shall see how I feel for the next nine months. Thanks to all my friends and family who prayed over the last couple of days during my mega worry crisis!! Love ya!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

What can I say my son loves Barney!! He was so happy when we saw a Barney doll in Walmart. So now he likes to have him close by. You can't help but think how cute!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

The Thompson's New Family Funtime!!

So we went and did it. We bought a pool!! Ok granted its not a huge pool its one of those Intex take up take down pools but it was in our price range and what more could you ask for in the hot summer days in Houston then a place to cool down!!! I have always wanted a pool since I was a little girl and of course my caviar dreams wants a complete in the ground package with lush landscaping and waterfalls and all that jazz but lets be realistic we are on a shoestring budget therefore the pretty funky looking blue pool works just fine in our backyard. I bought Cortie a cute little car raft to float in and the boy wouldn't even go near it, in fact when I was blowing it up he was freaking out and crying and he wouldn't even get in the pool today when it was in there. So mommy will have to get the evil thing back to the store and just have him swim in my arms. He likes it that way anyways so he can splash all around and especially splash mommy and daddy!! And let me tell you pools take a lot of chemicals its crazy!!! I will have to get used to making sure my pool stays nice and clean!!