Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our 2 week excursion up North!!

Man I always have good intentions to write on my blog but never seem to get around to it and not sure anybody really reads it anyways and I am not much of a journal person. I love the concept of Facebook updating about your life in just little sentences. Plus I am a very private person and I have all kinds of ideas for blogs to write about but feel like it would put to much of me out there that I am not comfortable with!! Well in August we took a 2 week vacation up North to the great state of Wisconsin. We made several and I mean several stops along the way to see family because hey when you come from Texas it takes a long time!!! I so want to move back up North and am regretting that we ever moved here but hey that is for another post!! Well we left on August 11th and planned to get to Memphis within a reasonable time we were thinking dinner man we were way off. 2 small kids one of them being a baby who is still nursing and 14 hours later we arrived very tired and very hungry to Uncle Walt(Chester's uncle) house. Next year we will for sure stop in a hotel the first night and give Uncle Walt a proper visit. Then the next day we drove to St Louis to see Uncle Steve and Aunt Carol(again Chester's side) we had a short visit with them to we really underestimated how long it would take each day especially with Catherine who would want to eat or have diaper issues very soon after we had stopped. Then the next day we drove to Plainfield, Il to visit Chester's Grandma Betty with a stop to have lunch with my Grandma who suffers from Alzheimer's . She was glad to see us and in the moment she enjoyed our visit and seeing the kids!! We then stayed in Chicago land for a couple of days visiting family and then we made our way up to Northern Wisconsin to Camp Forest Springs for a week of family camp which was awesome. I have been going there since I was born and it is a wonderful place full of memories and learning from God's word. After that week we made a stop in Minneapolis for the evening and spent some time with some good friends. The next morning we got up and drove to Kansas City and spent the evening with my cousin Staci who I hadn't seen in a couple of years and then we stopped to see my Great Aunt Shirley and had a really nice visit with her. We then made a 10 hour drive home all in one day and made it home 2 weeks to the day we left. It was an awesome trip and the kids were really good most of the time. Cortlyn was really good and watched his DVD and read his library books and was a gem in the car. Catherine had her moments but we had to remember that she was just a baby and really for a baby she really did good!! We train em young to sit in the car for long distances because we have no other choice!! And now we are home and I had a few days of feeling really sad about being home but now bible studies and MOPS have started up again and it is nice to have something to do and we will be making a trip to Florida for Thanksgiving to visit Chester's mom so that will be something to look forward too!! Okay so there that is my update and I know it was long but hey I don't post to often.