Monday, January 28, 2008

Update on my Grandpa

Thank you all for your prayers for my grandpa. He is still in intensive care but he is slowly making progress. My mom talked to the nurse today and he is communicating although it is tough for him and he is thinking clearly, he is still unable to swallow due to the surgery and that the clot that caused the stroke was in his throat. My mom isn't going up there until next week, my Uncle Chuck called her right before she walked out the door to leave yesterday and asked if he could take the first shift to help care for my grandma. This is a big relief on my mom since she was stressed about traveling and just stressed in general about her dad. So that was God totally looking out for my mom. So my uncle is on the way up there now and I may or may not go up myself when my mom is there. Right now its to soon to tell what actually will need to be done and such. So please pray for my mom and her brothers and sisters since they have to start making some heavy decisions about the care of my grandma and probably care for my grandpa as well since he probably won't ever recover 100% again. Thank you again

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Melanie said...

What a cute picture with Grandpa! So cool to see how God is covering your family. Let your mom know we are praying for her too (I really enjoyed meeting her at mom time when she came out a while back)! Keep us posted.