Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hurricane Ike!

Well we survived our first real hurricane down here in Texas. It was crazy!!! Last Thursday my neighbor and I went to Target and got some supplies and prepared to hunker down as they say down here. Chester was off work early on Thursday and was home on Friday as well. We just hung out went out to eat and did normal things. Well the winds were starting to pick up a little but nothing major. So we go to bed on Friday night and I was so keyed up I couldn't sleep and then the winds came and our power went off and it was freaky!!! I tried not to be scared and kept thinking about a hymn I knew growing up "A Shelter in the Time of Storm" and that comforted me. I am always comforted during scary times by hymns I grew up with. I think it's how I most relate to God. My son bless his little heart slept the whole night wouldn't you know a toddler wouldn't care that a storm is blowing all around him!! But our dog Brownie was a different story. She was up most of the night whining and barking and she peed all over the laundry room where she sleeps. Poor thing she was really scared!! So finally the storm let up sometime on Saturday morning and we didn't have any damage just a few tree branches, we are blessed to be in a new neighborhood with baby trees. Our power was out till about 3pm and then it was on for a couple of hours then went off again. So Saturday night was not pleasant it was so damn hot and being pregnant and diabetic just wasn't working for me and I was exhausted. Sunday morning after very little sleep I insisted that we head up to Dallas to our friends Jake and Stephs house for some much needed rest. So we headed up to Dallas and had a bit of a scare on the way up I- 45. There was no gas to be found for over 100 miles. SCARY!! We finally did find some gas up in Centerville. I was so afraid we would be out of gas and stranded with a toddler and dog in tow. Thank God he was with us!! We made it to Dallas and I got some much needed rest. We kept in touch with our neighbors and our power came back on on Sunday afternoon and stayed on. So we trekked back down to Houston late on Monday night and got home around 1:30am. We were glad to be home. So for the rest of the week we have been attempting to get back to normal. I know we are blessed because some people are still without power. I was just glad to be able to go grocery shopping and get much needed food. So now I am waiting for the tv to be back to normal. I know its a bit selfish but the news is getting old day after day all day long. I like to watch Oprah people!! Okay well that is our hurricane story hope everyone is doing ok.

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Melissa said...

Glad to hear that all is well! I was 9 years old when I watched my first hurricane from a sliding glass door- we were dumb dumb dumb!!!