Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Girls Weekend in NJ!!

This past weekend I went to NJ to visit my sisters and my best friend from high school Kelly. It was the first time leaving Cortie and I had a great time. I left on Friday morning and had a few tears in the security line after saying goodbye to my son but after that I was fine. I made it NJ and went to my sisters apt and we had dinner and then my other sister came over and we watched Sex and the City and just chilled out. Saturday we went to a Teahouse for a nice lunch and had a great time. Then after my sisters and I went and got manis and pedis. It was raining cats and dogs so we ended up staying in again and watching another movie. Sunday was a gorgeous day and my friend Kelly and I and her sister Alicia headed into NYC for the day. It was so nice we walked a little thru Central Park had a disastrous lunch(long story) walked thru a street fair and we took the subway(my first time) down to the WTC. Of course my feet hurt like crazy and being seven months preggers made me tired much more frequently but we had an awesome day. Then later that night I went down to my old town where I graduated high school and met my sister and her boyfriend Bill at his place and just chilled and watched tv. It was nice to meet Bill who I hadn't met yet. Monday I was on my way home after a quick lunch with Kelly and I got home Monday night good thing cause NJ and PA got an early snowstorm on Tuesday so I made it out just in time!! It was an awesome weekend!!

Leanne, Alicia, and Kelly at the Teahive Kelly and Me My sister Laurie and I Leanne thinking hard!! 3 Sisters together Kelly and I in front of Jekyl and Hyde seriously do not eat there it is bad!!!

Kelly and her sister Alicia in Times Square


Flock of Byrds said...

Yay for girls' weekends!!

Swan Family said...

Wow...what an awesome trip! Thanks for the link!!