Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Look How Big Baby Girl is Getting!!

Baby Girl turned 3 months yesterday. She is getting big so fast. Slow down baby girl!! I love this little girl to pieces and I just love dressing her up every Sunday for church. I am hoping she turns into a real girlie girl like her mommy because I will let her wear her foofy dresses when she wants!! She has a little personality now, she smiles and coos and the other day she giggled a little when I was wiping under her chin. I just enjoy when my kids are babies. I am already thinking about my third baby and when we should have one. Happy 3 mos my sweet baby girl Catherine!!


Chester said...

I will get her in camo and mud though.

Melissa said...

Oh, it must be lots of fun piling on the pink! I love it! :)

Swan Family said...

She is so precious! I love seeing her at MOPS... I like how you did the pictures. It is always fun to see them progress.