Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Snowy Day in Houston!!

Friday was a fun day around these parts. We got an official dose of snow!! Now that does not happen here hardly ever so people were going nuts. It did snow like it did once before since we have been here, which was on Christmas Eve 2004. Being from the north I just had to laugh at how people reacted to the snow but I of course was a good Texas parent and bundled my kids up and let them experience the snow. Cortlyn had a blast playing with his best bud Alyssa from next door and they even built a little snowman. We also cracked up because Chester's work sent the whole company home early due to inclement weather. I mean there was barely an inch on the ground but like I said they rarely if ever get snow down here so when they do it is a BIG!! deal!!! So that was our fun Friday!!!

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Lawanda said...

What a fun friday for you Texans!!! :)

Cute pics!!