Friday, August 1, 2008

Cortie Loves to Splash!

This is Cortie's new pool. He loves being able to sit in it and splash around. You may wonder what happened to our big pool, well it is still in the backyard but soon after we put it up I found out I was pregnant and I have been sick most everyday and lets just say the pool got put on the back burner and anybody who has had a pool knows you have to maintain it or it gets really gross. Well due to a vacumm that didn't work well and a slow filter our nice clean pool got really nasty and we decided to drain it and try again next summer when I am NOT Pregnant and can take the time to maintain it. So the other day I headed over to Dollar General and picked up this little splash pool for $5. I mean who can go wrong with $5. So this is Cortie's new pasttime and momma can sit in a lawn chair and just watch from the sidelines and stick my feet in. Ahh summer!

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Melissa said...

He's so adorable! Looks like he's having a blast. :)