Saturday, February 21, 2009

The First Month

So I never seem to come on to blogger much anymore. I am addicted to facebook and put all my pics and status up on there. But I figured I have neglected my blog for long enough. So I thought I would share some pics of Catherine and Cortlyn. Catherine is a little over 1 month old and she is such a sweet baby. Cortlyn loves on her all the time and he is constantly trying to pick her up and give her a paci. She just takes it all in stride and I am sure as she gets older she will love the attention from her big brother. My sister and her boyfriend were down for a visit last weekend from New Jersey so I will include some photos of that. I wish my family lived closer especially for babysitting. It gets hard to never be able to have a date night because we have no fam nearby and even the cheapest babysitter is expensive. Oh well I guess we shall survive. Okay well that is all for now.
The fam at Swinging Door BBQ baby girl was asleep in the car

Catherine in the onesie Auntie Leanne brought with her
Me and Leanne
Leanne, her boyfriend Bill and Cortlyn. Cortie loved playing with Bill
Mommy and Cortie by the bears at the zoo!
Daddy and Cortie by the elephants!
Auntie Leanne and Cortlyn riding on the train in Herman Park. He loved the train ride!
Big Brother and Little Sister. She isn't quite sure what to do with her older brother!
He loves kissing on her!!
My cute kids!!
Sweet baby and her Valentine outfit
So sweet. All girls need to wear purple!!
He's telling me how much he loves me. This much!!!
Resting on the chaise with Daddy and sister. He is playing peek a boo with me!!


Anonymous said...

I love your pictures, Lynnette! And yes, you DO have cute kids :)


Melissa said...

I'm always on FB too now, which is why I'm just now reading this! LOL I still haven't taken Wes to the Swinging Door... I need to do that before we move. :)

Swan Family said...

I love the photos...I know what you mean about FB, it can get addicting! lol I love the photos and can't believe how big Catherine is getting. She is such a good baby for you at MOps.

Shelley Johnson said...

What great pictures! I love your back ground music with Elvis. I love him!! how did u do that.Are you doing MOPS? I miss MOPS alot. I am doing a Bible study starting this week on Discerning the voice of God. I guess she is the wife of Pastor Tony Evans who is a big on Dallas. Always on the radio.I can't do Beth Moore. Too much. This one is perfect.starts at 9:15 and is fininshed at 11:15 so I can book it home to get Andrew. He is really maturing. You would be surprised if you saw him. I will send a video clip. I always forget to that Chester looks so happy snuggling up with the kids. I better run