Monday, May 25, 2009

The Month of May a Recap

First we celebrated Chester's Birthday!! Cortie was very excited to go to the BEB (HEB) but that's how he pronounces it. It's so cute and we got Daddy a cake and Daddy blew out the candles!! Then we went to the Olive Garden and had a nice dinner and afterwards we met up with a friend of ours Matt from Minnesota who was in for the evening. We went to his hotel and Cortie had great fun going up and down the elevator and the evening was topped off by a very sad two year old who had to leave and all he could say very sad like you know Bye Matt!! Very dramatic but again so darn cute we hold to turn around to giggle because it was so pathetic!!!

Then we put up our pool again for the summer and Cortie being the big boy he is now got on his swim vest and had the greatest time paddling around the bottom of the pool while it was being filled up. Remember this time last year My how my little boy has grown!!

Then we have had some fun times at the splash pad near our house. Last year the boy wasn't to sure about them but this year he loves it and I love it that I am not pregnant and feeling sick all the time and can enjoy spending time with my boy!!

And of course we can't leave out baby girl she was having fun as well

And just for fun Cortie has been talking more and more lately and this is what we caught on the way to eat one night. Very cute!!

Later in the month Cortie got a package in the mail Daddy had ordered him a bow and arrow. It was the cutest thing because he knew exactly what it was and was so excited to open and kept going around the house saying my bow my bow. He loves to shoot just like Daddy

And as for baby girl she is getting so big. She is almost 5 months old I cannot believe it. This time last year I was worried that she wasn't even going to make it inside me but she did and she is the sweetest little thing!! Here is a recent video clip of her in her exersaucer. Cortlyn loves to show her all the toys and she loves playing with her older brother. I think they are going to be close!!

And this weekend the final weekend of May my sister Laurie is coming to visit. She hasn't met Catherine yet so that will be a nice time together. Whoo this post got long but I don't blog all that often so putting a post together takes forever. So hope everyone enjoys the videos. I sure do!!!

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Lawanda said...

These videos are SO CUTE Lynnette!!