Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Brief Get to Know You Piece

Several people have this on their blog and its fun to fill out. So enjoy

What I was doing 10 years ago: I was in my third year of college, 2nd full year at Northwestern College in St Paul, Minnesota, I was studying hard and working part time at ACR Homes 2 days a week
On my to do list today: go to Kohls and return a picture frame, watch Oprah that I DVRd, attempt to finish cleaning the bathrooms (I hate cleaning bathrooms!!!)
Snacks I enjoy: semi sweet chocolate chips, mozzarela sticks from Sonic, Orange Cream Slushie from Sonic, any kind of cheese!!
Things I would do if I was a billionaire: hire maids to clean my house from top to bottom every other day, pay off our house, cars ,student loans, Corties birth, give buca $$ to my favorite place Camp Forest Springs, give to God and charities, have Chester quit his job and run a ranch with lots and lots of land so he can hunt all the time and be really happy, have more babies and hire nannies!
Three bad habits: swearing when angry, not finishing things, not cleaning bathrooms!
Five places I've lived: Peru, Illinois, Parkersburg, West Virginia, Great Meadows, New Jersey, St Paul, Minnesota and Richmond, Texas
Five jobs I've had: Shift manager at Taco Bell, ARC of NJ group home, ACR Homes of Minnesota, Nanny, Amidon Graphics daycare

Now you give it a whirl!!

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