Friday, June 27, 2008

Help my Pants are getting Tight!!!

Yes it is happening I went to put on my pants today and they felt a bit snug. I am only 11 weeks so it seems so early. But my mom said she popped out with my sister much sooner then with me and by the third she pretty much wore her maternity clothes from the start. Man when I was pregnant with Cortlyn it was my first so I was so excited to get into maternity clothes but this time around I am like NO! After Cortlyn's birth I lost a whole lot of weight and was so happy and now its back on. Right before I got pregnant I bought a couple of pairs of super cute capris and I want to wear them more. And I lent most of my maternity clothes to my neighbor who is smaller than me and wearing them now. So I guess I will have to go out and get some maternity jean shorts. Other mommas out there did you have to break out your maternity wear sooner with your second baby?? Advice would be greatly appreciated!!!


chona said...

hey Lynette! With each one, it was the same for me. Just like your mom, with my third I was showing right away. I guess it's time for maternity clothes. I love how so many people lend their maternity clothes out. I don't have any left, but get the word out and I'm sure you'll end up with something cute.

monique said...

Hi Lynette,
For me it was the same. My belly was showing much earlier the 2nd time around. In the first trimester (as well as after baby) I would fasten the button of my jeans with a rubber band looped over. It gave me a few extra inches - just a temporary fix until you find what you need.

Melissa said...

Sorry I don't have any experience with second pregnancies, but have you heard of Bella Bands? Basically, it allows you to wear your pants/skirts longer (like Monique mentioned), only you slip it around your whole waist. They come in all colors, so you can layer it with your shirt and it might look like you're wearing a colored t-shirt under your top layer. Just an idea. I managed with one black one.