Sunday, June 15, 2008

In Loving Memory of my Gran!

I thought since it is Fathers Day today I would honor the memory of my Grandpa we called him Gran. Yesterday marked the ten year anniversary since his passing away. He was a great man of God and loved his family a whole lot. When he passed away we were all on a family trip to Williamsburg, Va which he planned and payed for the whole family. He was so excited about that trip and while there he suffered a major heart attack and passed away very suddenly. It was a great shock to our family but it was a blessing that we were all there as a family at that time and he was the happiest around his family. Now my Grandpa wasn't a huggy type Grandpa but he was very loving. My fondest memory is of their house in Ohio. It was a huge house with a great big yard with a pond, tree swing, sandbox and even a golf tee. My grandpa had an awesome garden and you could always find him there. Every single one of his grandchildren can remember taking rides on his tractor and helping him in the garden. It is a very special memory for me. I miss you Gran and know I will see you again in heaven!!

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