Monday, October 19, 2009

Not Me Monday

Still don't have a lot of Not Me Monday's but at least I try!! And I can totally relate to Mckmama about the oven fiasco! When I was in college I was over at my grandparents with my roommate and we decided to make a pizza and I turned on my grandparents brand new oven to preheat it but unbeknownst to me my grandma keep her plastic plug in skillet in there. Who does that!!!! So anyways we went on our merry way waiting for the oven to heat up when all the sudden there is black smoke coming from the oven and my aunts husband they lived right next door in a duplex came flying in with a fire extinguisher and rambo style put the fire out. That was a pretty scary moment and I felt terrible for ruining their brand new oven but again who leaves plastic stuff in an oven. Well apparently my Grandma!!!

As for Not Me's this week here goes
I did not remind my husband that we had money in our account and that I like flowers and white cake just so he wouldn't forget to get stuff for me on my birthday. He did last year and was in big trouble but he totally redeemed himself this year so all is well!!

I also did not get upset when our plans fell thru on Saturday night and our neighbors couldn't babysit I mean their kid got really sick that would be yucky and selfish of me to wish they could have watched my kids!!

My husband and I did not drive around after having dinner on Saturday night trying to find something to do and we did not go home after only 2 hours out so we didn't have to waste more $ on a babysitter I mean we are hip and wanted to stay out all night!!!

I also did not pretty much go straight to bed when we got home because I just wanted to !!

I did not put my kids in fuzzy pjs because it was cold my northern friends would just laugh and laugh!!

Okay that is all I can think of for this week. Happy Monday!!

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Lawanda said...

These are so cute!!