Monday, November 9, 2009

A New Church Home and a Day in the Country!!

It's official!! We have a new church home. Yes after 5 years at our previous church it was just time to end our time there. Long story short I never felt connected there and constantly was battling feeling sad and depressed because of it. I kept trying to get plugged in in various ways there but they only seemed to want to pigeon hole me into childcare and don't get me wrong I love the kiddos but wasn't wanting to be force fed working in the kids ministry. The last straw was when I had wanted to help start back up a mom ministry that they had going for a while and was basically shut down with hardly a thank you for thinking of it. I still am a little bitter over it but am trying to close that chapter in my life and here we are in a new chapter. We are going to be members of Grand Parkway Baptist Church. I totally feel like it is the lord's leading and am so glad that I braved meeting strangers and went to a ladies bible study to check it out and it's been a total blessing to me. I feel more connected in just 2 short months then I did in all the five years I attended our last church. I have even been asked to help on the Steering team of MOPS that the church is starting up next fall. Can you say that I was excited and glad to finally be acknowledged for my passion for other moms in the preschool stage!!! We are also connected in a community group and are meeting and becoming friends with a lot of nice people. Our church has so much going on that I just love, couples game nights, ladies night out, mens night out, kids programs, ladies bible studies, mens bible studies. It is just awesome to be in a place that has so much going on and so many places to be involved. I am so glad that the Lord lead us there!! And the pictures at the beginning where from preschool day in the country. Church members have an awesome big house on a ton of land and they invite the little ones out for a fun day of playing in the country. Cortlyn had so much fun swinging, fishing, taking mutiple hayrides, eating peanut butter and jelly and just being able to run around. And there were lots of older ladies who were more than willing to hold and squeeze my sweet baby girl Catherine!! It was a fun day and Cortie was sad to leave. Well that is all from our neck of the woods. Glad to be a member of Grand Parkway Baptist Church!!!


Jana said...

Yay! We're so happy to have you, too, and I can't wait for MOPS!!! Welcome officially to GPBC!

Lawanda said...

It is always nice to feel wanted! :)

Anonymous said...

As a member of your previous church, thanks for not putting our name out there when you started bad-mouthing us. Good to see that you are FINALLY being acknowledged at church.