Sunday, February 17, 2008

Finally a Date Night!!!

My hubby and I finally got our date night!!! We were able to go out to Carrabas and see 27 dresses(my choice obviously) last night. Thanks to Sonya and her fam especially her girls for looking after Cortlyn for us. It was such a blessing since we have no family in town and babysitters are costly especially if you do dinner and a movie add the babysitter on top of that and it can be a pretty expensive night out on the town. So we had a much needed alone time and it was nice. And of course I thought the movie was super cute and my husband is gracious and said it was better than a poke in the eye! Ha Ha! I guess he will have to watch a movie now with lots of blood and guts. He left on a business trip this evening for a week and I know he took Lord of the Rings with him so that should appease his manliness!! So now I am looking forward to our next date night.

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Melissa said...

Carrabas~ excellent choice! Glad you had some fun with you sweetie. :)