Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Neti Pot Experience!

Okay so I don't usually hold stock to much of what Oprah has on her show like The Secret PLEASE!!! But I do watch when she has Dr Oz on because they are pretty informative about health and wellness.And one day they showed a Neti pot on there and how to use it. Well I went out today and bought a Neti pot which is the contraption in the picture and what you do is shove it up your nose and pour water up in your nose and it comes out the other nostril. Very weird but I swear it works!! Now it may all be in my head right now but I feel as if my sinuses feel better and let me tell you I have struggled with dang sinus and migraine headaches ever since moving down to Houston and I had a lovely dr(NOT) tell me that is was because we lived in a swamp land. Yippie thanks doc!! Anyways I do feel better in the nose area. Time will tell if it does work. I plan on doing the procedure to myself every day now. I should post of pic of that its probably funny looking!


Cynthia said...

I LOVE my neti pot! I started using it after I saw that Oprah show too and didn't want to take too many meds while I am pregnant. Man, I will always run to it first! My sinuses have never ever felt better.

Ashley M said...

My mother in law swears by this thing. I haven't been able to pull myself to use it yet.

Also, enjoying staying in touch via your blog. Glad you started one.

Chester said...

Hahaha it is sure funny to watch her use that thing.

Andrew Neal Haberman said...

I just used my Neti pot for the first time last night. It did burn a bit, and now I kind of have a throbbing/irritated sensation in my sinuses. With that said, it really did clear out a lot of junk.

It's probably just my inexperience, and I think I need to refine my technique and the salt content.

I will try it again in a few days.