Sunday, February 10, 2008

Second Baby Making Thoughts

Okay so I go back and forth on wanting to have another baby. I mean I see little babies and I am like Ahhh and I remember when Cortie was a small baby and how much I loved it but then I remember the sleepless times and breastfeeding all the time and wonder how in the world you do that with a toddler running around. I also want to have a Christmas baby again, theres just something almost magical about having a baby at the holidays, I guess because we are celebrating Jesus birthday as well,but that would mean me and hubby have to get "busy" this month and next and we didn't get pregnant easy with Cortlyn. So I go back and forth one day I am thinking I really want another baby and then as Ashley put it "business time" comes and I am like no way no baby happening in there right now!! Am I crazy to hemm and haw like this isn't it pretty normal for families to have second babies around 2 years apart or at least that is what lots of folks I know have done. And of course the other thing that keeps me from just going for it is knowing that I would have to be pregnant again and let me tell you being pregnant for me SUCKED!! I was sick the whole time, had gestational diabetes, major migranes you name it I felt it. It was like a college party hangover for nine months straight and then the labor don't even get me started on the labor end result C-section that was not wanted! But out of the whole deal came my sweet boy Cortie. Any advice?


Chester said...

I hope I can help.

Melissa said...

Cortie is so cute! Sorry, I'm coming up short on the advice here. We're still no where close to that decision. Newborns are just so cute though, aren't they?

Steph said...

I definitely understand the fear of baby #2. When we started trying again, I just decided to think about being pregnant when I get pregnant...probably the worst advice ever, but at least you know you're not alone :)