Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Learning to Forgive

My son newest thing right now is to ride in his little tyke car that was given to him by the family I nannied for when I was pregnant with him. They have since moved to Colorado and man I miss them. Shelley(the mom) and I became very good friends and I miss being able to talk with her everyday. And I of course miss Lexi and Andrew they are my all time fav kids next to my Cortie boo!! Well to get to the point of this blog. We are taking a walk with Cortie in his little car and I am pushing it and we stop in front of the house of a person who hurt me very badly it's a long and difficult story but in short it hurt me to the very core and stomped on my faith in God for a long time. But anyways I am making baby steps to help heal from the emotional wounds. I stopped right there in front of her house and prayed for God to help me forgive. I must have prayed it five or six times but I really need to do this and God is showing me how. I have also started praying to God more and trying to look at him as a father, friend confident instead of judge pointing out all my faults. I heard a excellent pastor speak on this at my sisters church in New Jersey and folks my sisters' were far from God and they are coming back to faith. How cool is that. If I could up and go to Jersey every Sunday I totally would. Okay well now its getting late and I had hoped to go to bed early. Yeah right!!

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Cynthia said...

What a wonderful testimony for Cortlyn to see you praying earnestly. God is faithful and will help you to forgive. Keep on praying friend! That is so awesome about your sisters. I remember praying for that constantly during group. Praise God for his perseverance.