Monday, February 18, 2008

My Most Favorite Place

Well last night I was on my favorite places website and since it is their 50th anniversary this year I figured I would write about some of my memories from my all time favorite place Camp Forest Springs!! Geez where to begin. My family has been going to this camp for a long time. My dad and his sisters and brother went there beginning in 1964 to youth camps. My grandpa(now in heaven) would take them all there and stay on and help out around camp. He helped build the boathouse which they just recently tore down(sad but needed to be done). My grandma also would go along and help out in the kitchen(you know 1960's and all) Soon they grew up and my dad meet my mom and started bringing her along to CFS. The 1970's brought along little ole me and my sister and we started going to CFS for Family Camps. My earliest memory is going to the mini farm with my Dad and loving the animals!! The 1980's my youngest sister came along and CFS was her heritage too. In 1985 I went to my first youth camp I still remember to this day my counselors Pam and Heidi. Now this was back old school when they had old cabins with cement floors and the bathrooms were outhouses and the shower was all the way down in the Neale Lodge. Very primitive but geez I miss those days!! All the kiddos would have to go on a overnight campout in the woods and it poured rain the whole way there and then the thunder started, now as a kid I was terrified of thunder and I got piggy backed all the way back to our cabin by my counselor Pam because I was crying so hard!! And then I got hot cocoa in bed!! I loved youth camps and went all the way up to senior year and have wonderful memories of that time. Being a teen girl at camp was awesome there were always boys to chase, the end of the week banquet were if you had a date you were cool, overnight campouts were you yelled across the lake to the boys. So many memories. Johnny angel the hottest lifeguard in Wisconsin I had such a crush on him, Main Street cafe, the game room, archery, mini farm, mini farm haymaze going in with a boy was very romantic! I made awesome friends thru the years and still keep in touch with one of them Now our family also did Family Camps. First it would be a week of youth camp in June and July and then in August every year we would pack up our station wagon then mini van and head on up to Wisconsin! I wish I had pics of my earliest years there cause they are great but I only have junior high and up. We loved Family Camp and would always look to see who was there and meet new friends especially boys!! I had several boys have crushes on me thru the years but I was a heartbreaker!

In 1998 I started going back to CFS with my parents since I lived in Minnesota and it wasn't far to get there. And in 2002 I introduced Chester to CFS and he loved it. It was one of the moments I knew I loved him when he went to the place I had grown up in and was excited to hear all my memories.

Now we share those memories with our son. Last summer was his first time at camp post mommies tummy he was there in my tummy the year before :>) It was also the first summer my sister Leanne had been back in a long time and my grandma was there. That meant four generations of campers were there at the same time. Pretty awesome if you ask me. I just love how the Lord has kept our family at this camp all this time. The staff is awesome and I grew up with their kids and they of course have kids now. Its just awesome how God moves at the camp every summer and all year long. James Lake is my all time fav place to just be in God's nature. If I am ever feeling down I go right to that lake and the woods all around and just remember how Great our God really is!! So if you are ever up in Northern Wisconsin look up Camp Forest Springs and you won't regret it.

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Melissa said...

Looks like a beautiful and peaceful place. Love the 80's hair- awesome!